On the set of “Draw” 1983 - My first big motion picture was with Kirk Douglas. On the last day taking me aside he handed me a double whisky and said “Kid you’ve been through the worst there is, you’re going to do okay”.



My photographic career has revolved around documentary projects ranging from flying saucer cults (“In Advance of the Landing”), to recording the culture of the Metis in Northern Alberta to the beliefs in the ancestor spirits of the Chewa of Malawi (“The Elephant Has Four Hearts - Nyau Masks and Ritual”).  

That work was supplemented and maintained by shooting publicity stills for Hollywood’s film studios. Each project - whether the futuristic 3D, sci-fi rendering of TRON, or engaging with the aboriginal culture of the Metis, has offered valuable opportunities to explore technology, understanding of unique cultural environment and has provided rewarding challenges and unexpected surprises.