Paul Eichenberg began building a shed for his lawnmower in 1983 and finished with his flying saucer.  Chester,, Pennsylvania, 1988
 Gene Highstein’s “Concrete Flying Saucer”, Highland Park, Illinois, 1983
 Claude Vorilhon (aka Rael), founder of the Raelians, in front of a replica of the flying saucer that took him to outer space and meetings with the supreme being, Yahweh. Villancourt, Quebec, 1997.
 Al Thomas encountered Jesus Christ on a hillside in 1973, outside of Russelville, Arkansas and was commanded to build a flying saucer and fly around the world distributing food, medicine and the Bible.  Russelville, Arkansas, 1985.
 Granger Taylor built his flying saucer on his parents farm and reported his communications with alien beings, telling friends that he would be joining the aliens on a long trip in their vehicle to outer space.  In the night darkness of a severe thunderstorm, Granger disappeared without a trace. Duncan, British Columbia 1984.
 Nodrog (aka O.T> Gordon) leads members preparing for “S Day” at the Time Ark Base of the Outer Dimensional Forces in Weslaco, Texas, 1986.
 Diorama at Roswell Space Museum, depicting the crashed flying saucer of The Roswell Incident, 50th Anniversary, Roswell, New Mexico 1997.
 John Shepherd converted his grandparents home into a UFO detection station to house his Project S.T.R.A.T., beaming music and electronic signals into space in hopes of contacting extraterrestrial life.  Bellaire, Michigan 1983.
 Ruth Norman “The Archangel Uriel”, heads The Unarius Society, preparing earthlings for the 32 spaceships of the Intergalactic Confederation. El Cajon, California, 1981.
 Orlando Toroni spends his nights tracking and signaling spaceships hiding behind satellites, using an aircraft signaling light. Orland, California 1977.
 Members of The Aetherius Society charging a Spiritual Battery to placed on hillsides where the stored energy will be directed by orbiting aliens to defeat catastrophic events around the world.  Los Angeles, California, 1980.
 Project Starlight International creates light pattern sequences from a hidden location to attract UFOs flying overhead. North of Austin, Texas 1986.
In Advance of the Landing - Folk Concepts of Outer Space
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