Spring storm, May 1982. Jack Ladouceur drawing drinking water from the shore of Buffalo Lake, Caslan Metis Settlement
 Frank and Robert Pruden skinning a moose, Crooked Lake, Kikino Metis Settlement
 Firefighters from Peavine Metis Settlement, Lubicon Lake fire, 1984
 Carpenters in apprentice training program, Caslan Metis Settlent 1982
 Gift Lake Metis Settlement 1985
 Walter and Rose Anderson from Fishing Lake at Paddle Prairie Rodeo, Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement 1981.
 Living room at Pat and Ilene Swann’s house, Elizabeth Metis Settlement.
 Adolphus Ghostkeeper, 88, Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement, 1981
 Girl from Paddle Prairie, waitress at Keg River Cabins, south of Paddle Prairie, 1981.
 Adrian Hope, rodeo rider, poet, heading to Lac La Biche hospital, Kikino Settlement 1983.
 Breakfast at Walter and Rose Andersons’ with brother Matt Anderson.  Fishing Lake Settlement
 Elizabeth Settlement.
 Frank and Russell Collins in their barn.  Elizabeth Settlement
 Tea break, firefighters from Gift lake Settlement, Lubicon lake fire, Alberta
 Firefighter from Gift Lake, mop up operations.  Lubicon Lake fire, Red Earth, Alberta
 Rose Pruden preparing moose meat for dinner.  Kikino Settlement.
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